January: Month in Review, Part II (What I Did!)

Welcome to part II of January: Month in Review! What a crazy month it’s been. I went back to marine biology on January third, back to my nanny job on the fourth, and back to alll of my classes on the ninth. I’m taking world history, world religions, and Spanish II online at Truett-McConnell University; history is hard, Spanish is easy, and religions is in-between. Although it was a bit of a culture shock going back to school (after a month off, I’d managed to forget how heavy the homework loads can get), I’m really enjoying all three of them!

The first weekend in January we had zero plans, which was good because we ended up being snowed in! We got about two inches of icy snow. Friday I went to work (my nanny job) early, and we made S’mores and read books by the fire. It started snowing that evening (I went outside alone at 10 pm and twirled around and grinned stupidly at the sky because I’m from the South, so I think snow is magical), and Saturday was spent with all four members of my family sledding, eating pie, watching Expedition Unknown, and reading lots of books. Church was canceled on Sunday and public school was canceled on Monday.

The following weekend I went to a softball camp at Covenant College, which was my dream college for a couple of years because of their majors and location and the fact that the coach was recruiting me (I found out soon after the camp that I won’t be able to attend Covenant). It was perfect weather, and so much fun meeting girls from all over the Southeast who are just as passionate about the sport as I am. We started the morning with defense drills; I got in two hours’ worth of hard work in the outfield before I caught a throw weirdly and my thumb started really hurting (I tore a ligament in my right thumb and had a big reconstructive surgery about a year and a half ago). Reluctantly, I decided to sit out the rest of the day. I went to lunch with some of the current Covenant players and then cheered for the other campers during the scrimmage. Finally, I went on a campus tour with my family. We got home around nine pm (and we’d left at seven that morning–#softballlife). I had a huge headache, could barely stay awake, was worried I’d torn the ligament again and I’d miss my last season of travel ball, and my leg muscles were so sore I could hardly walk–but it was still a great experience!!

The third weekend in January I spent at a statewide music conference called ReelFest with my youth choir. Many choirs come together and have less than twenty-four hours to learn and then perform five pieces of difficult new music (click here to hear one). It was so much fun meeting kids from all over the state, hearing all the vocal and instrumental talent, and sharing a hotel room with two of my best friends.

Finally, last Friday my friend Brooke slept over at my house (she convinced me to watch The Fault in our Stars and my life is ruined now); then on Saturday I took her back to her house, where her mom had planned her a surprise birthday party. We actually pulled it off!! Today is Brooke’s sixteenth birthday, so Cari and I secretly drove to her house at eight AM, made French toast in her kitchen, and then woke her up and basically acted like the obnoxious friends that we are. Fun times.

What else happened this month? Joshua and I played tennis and basketball. My dad and I went for carne asada and discussed theology, then saw Hidden Figures (10/10 would recommend). I ate at Panera a lot with various friends, family, and by myself (is there such a thing as a spirit restaurant? Because Panera is mine). I went to writing group once, and honor society just once, and church a whole bunch of times. I ordered a Ravenclaw Quidditch sweater from Etsy and I LOVE IT. There is no such thing as being too obsessed with Harry Potter, okay? NO SUCH THING.

Rainy days and starry nights. Hands covered with ink smudges, toes wrapped in blue fuzzy socks, and clear eyes that hold big dreams. Warm fleece blankets and old maps and piano music. These are the things that Ravenclaws are made of. (x)

My head hasn’t stopped spinning this entire month! January was so crazy busy. Physically, I felt pretty awful, even though I took a short break from softball and working out. But with the help of a stricter diet, lots of Ibuprofen, and going to bed earlier, I think I’m going to make it. There were some disappointments this month and a few periods of anxiety, but reading back over this blog post makes me grateful for my life. February, let’s gooo!

What fun and exciting things did you do this month? I want to hear! If you missed part I of my month in review, make sure to check it out here.


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