Blogmas Day 25

We made it: Christmas Day 2016!

Joshua came into my room shrieking with excitement at 7 AM on the dot, and we started opening gifts soon after.

In my stocking, I received Kind bars, a mint Hershey bar, Post-It notes, mechanical pencils, a miniature stapler, and EOS lip balms.

I gave my brother Joshua some new baseballs, ice cream and root beer to make root beer floats, and a wooden elephant puzzle that can stand on his dresser.

I gave my mom a wallflower from Bath and Body Works and my dad a restaurant gift card. Joshua and I wrote a rap song incorporating many of our family inside jokes for our parents.

Each of us got a Tervis Tumbler. I’ve received four cups for Christmas this year, which is good because I’ve broken at least that many over the last year!

From my parents, in addition to the cup, I received a Giving Key necklace (custom-made with the word “serve”); the book The End of the Perfect 10 (which is great so far); the book I Got This (which actually hasn’t come out yet); a subscription to Writer’s Digest; and a book of some of my blog posts from this year. Joshua gave me the book Courage to Soar–I read it today and it was so good!

We got ready for church and headed that way. There weren’t many people there this morning, but it was still a really nice service. Shoutout to Cari for the prayer box and for the mint and gold folder that exactly matches my new planner!

Pretty soon after we got home, my grandmother arrived. We had lunch–ham, sweet potato soufflé, green beans, chicken and dumplings, baked pineapple, and chocolate pie–and then opened more gifts.

We’ve spent the remainder of the afternoon having snowball fights with balled-up tissue paper (with it being 70 degrees today, that’s the closest to snow that we’ll get), reading our new books, and my parents helped my grandmother figure out her new computer.

Thank you for sticking with me through all twenty-five days of Blogmas–I enjoyed it and I hope you did too. Merry Christmas and enjoy the rest of your break, everyone!

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