Blogmas Day 24

This morning I slept in and then worked on compiling a list of magazines and websites I plan to submit to in 2017. I was in bed for a while after lunch–it was a rough morning and a rough night last night. But eventually I took a shower, cleaned my room and the bathroom, vacuumed, and wrapped a few final presents for ladies at church. After that I was exhausted and weak, so I went back to bed until it was time to leave for church.

After our Christmas Eve candlelight service, my family always eats at Krystal. My friend Brooke and her family joined us for the second year in a row. My family also drove around and looked at Christmas lights; now we’re home watching A Christmas Story, which is something else we do every Christmas Eve (it’s Joshua’s first year to join us, though!). I still feel pretty bad and I don’t know how long I’ll last. 

Today I’m…

Listening to: Sleigh Ride by Anderson and Roe (two pianists, eight Steinway concert grands). Also, 40’s Christmas music on Spotify (every other song was Captain Kangaroo???).

Reading: What Child Is This by Caroline B. Cooney. It’s SUCH a good book; I read it every year on Christmas Eve.

Grateful for: Honestly, I’m having trouble thinking of something. Today hasn’t been the best day, even though it’s typically my favorite day of the year. I guess I’ll go with the biggest blessings that are the most often overlooked: a warm house, plenty of food, and a loving family.

4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 24

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