Blogmas Day 23

Today is the Blogger Secret Santa Gift Exchange! I drew Megan from Pen and Ink, which I was so excited about. She’s a homeschooler (which means she’s automatically cool, right?) and a writer, but most importantly, she loves Jesus. She’s beautiful inside and out, and we also have a lot of things in common, which is pretty neat! Megan recently announced that in January, she’ll be changing her blog format to a devotional style, which I’m really excited about.

These are a few of my favorite posts from Megan’s blog: the Thankfulness Thursdays she did in November, 12 Things Every Writer Knows to be True (and let me tell you, they are so true), her book review of Rainbow Valley (BECAUSE THAT IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS EVER), Dear You (because yes. Ugh. Just yes), and finally 5 Ways To Get Writing Inspiration (if you’re a writer you needdd to go read this–it really helped me). The way Megan plans out her posts and puts them up consistently has really inspired me!

Make sure to check out her blog and give her a follow. Megan, it was so nice to “meet” you over email and Instagram today–I’ll be praying for you as you figure out the changes you want to make to your blog!

Quick update on my day: it was busy! I slept in too late; drafted this blog post; did some Spanish memory work; auditioned for several voiceover jobs during three sessions throughout the day; worked out (it was a strictly conditioning day–this video, this video, this video, and this video. I didn’t realize the last one was so much cardio and it almost killed me because I can’t breathe); worked on a short story I started Wednesday night; went to Walmart with my mom and officially finished my Christmas shopping (I also got a 2017 weekly planner that I’m in LOVE with–pics below!); watched an Expedition Unknown with my dad and brother (it was about finding Nazi treasure in Austria, so I was especially intrigued); and tonight my family is going to play Catchphrase and I still need to work on a devotion I’m writing.

Today I’m…

Watching: This GirlDefined video and the ShibSibs’ new vlog.

Reading: The Help by Kathryn Stockett, actually for the first time ever.

Grateful for: My whole family is on Christmas break now! It’s been such a nice day. Also, Madeline from A Chic Bookworm (an awesome blog that you should definitely check out) was my Secret Santa and you can find the interview she did with me here. Thanks Madeline!

9 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 23

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    1. Thank you! The nail polish actually belongs to the little girl I nanny so I have no idea where she got it and or what the exact name is (it’s some shade of silver, though). Oh yes, I’m completely obsessed with planners!


  5. Awesome secret santa post! Just stopping by in response to your sweet comment on my blog :). I like your planner– my sister has recently become very interested in planners and stickers for them and whatnot. I’m not as into it as she is, but I enjoy getting a new planner for the year as well, and I love the color of yours. Very cute!


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