Blogmas Day 21

This morning around eight, my mom was at work, my dad was asleep, and Joshua and I were in the living room working a Rubik’s cube and journaling, respectively. We heard a noise on the porch and went to investigate–our grandparents had sent us another Harry and David’s box. So naturally, we sat on the kitchen floor and sampled everything before breakfast (prompting Joshua to decide, “If I ever have two sons, I’ll name them Harry and David).

I spent the rest of the morning doing some VO auditions (and I got paid for a job today, which is always exciting!) and studying Spanish. Joshua and I listened to Hamilton in my room while I put away laundry and we both took down the air mattress (which was such a fun job that Joshua exclaimed, “Maybe we should blow it up so we can take it down again!”).

It was 55 degrees and sunny today–what a nice change! I helped Joshua practice baseball for a few minutes; then I threw from my knees and worked on some grounders and pop flies. Since I was long overdue for a speed and agility workout, we played some soccer as a fun way to get that in.

This afternoon my dad and I went to Atlantic Station, a shopping center in Atlanta. There was a German festival going on with some different vendors and things.

We found a candy store that had Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, jelly slugs, and chocolate frogs. I was thrilled! I bought a chocolate frog just for the card. It was Gilderoy Lockhart; I’d been hoping for Dumbledore, haha, but it was still cool.

When we got home I felt absolutely awful for a couple of hours–overwhelming sleepiness, sharp pains in my head, and I was a little nauseous, which is not one of my everyday symptoms. But I think that has passed with the help of dinner and Tylenol, so I’m hoping to get some scholarship applications and some writing done before I go to bed.

Today I’m…

Reading: A Separate Peace by John Knowles. I haven’t read it in years, and I’d forgotten how brilliant it is.

Grateful for: Today my dad and I were discussing our mission trip to Colombia next spring–it looks like he’ll be going to a town outside of Cartagena with part of our team, and I’ll be going back to the tiny town outside of Bogota that I’ve been to before with the other part of our team. I’m so excited and ready to go back, and grateful for all the experiences I’ve already had there!

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