Blogmas Day 20

Last night’s party was so much fun!

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We ate and then sat on the living room floor for the gift exchange. It was white elephant, so most of the gifts were humorous–for instance, Garrett got a lovely makeup kit.

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Josh got pretty earrings.

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Will wasn’t quite sure what to do with his “Just Married” ornament.

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Cari opened a huge box of Jellie Bellies, which I later stole.

When all of the gifts had been opened and traded around, we played Apples to Apples.

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Then we played several loud and hilarious games of Mafia.

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Everyone left around 9:30. Hannah and I turned on my fairy lights, set up her laptop, grabbed some fleece blankets, and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was so fun! We went to sleep around 12:30.

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Hannah knows the way to my heart (white chocolate, Jellie Bellies, and dolphins, in case you were wondering). I ordered her gift a month ago, but it was shipping from Bulgaria and it took a while; it arrived today just a few hours after Hannah left. So that’s great. Also, shoutout to Brooke N. for the shower gel, bath salts, and fragrance mist–they smell so good!

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The party and sleepover could not have been more fun!

After lunch I worked on this blog post, texted with a friend who was reviewing a story of mine, cleaned out my email inboxes, worked on a devotional that a website has asked me to write, then watched a few YouTube videos and tried not to fall asleep.

Today was the last day of public school before Christmas break. As soon as we got home from the bus stop, the kids shoved a package into my hands, saying, “You’re going to love what we got you!” It was a blue Yeti tumbler–“Miss Hailey, we remembered that you said you wanted one, and we remembered your favorite color is teal!” They were so excited. I gave my fifth-grader a Nike gift card and some candy, and my second-grader a cute little box with cookie cutters, cookie mix, sprinkles, etc. It was pajama day for her today–see the picture below.

(I agree.)

Today I’m…

Watching: I’m about to do a quick voiceover recording, and then we’re going to watch Elf; it’ll be Joshua’s first time to see it.

Reading: Today I received Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper (thank you Mrs. Alvalee!), which is something that I have been really excited to read for a long time!

Grateful for: I’m truly on Christmas break now and I could not be more excited! I’m grateful for my family, the plans we have coming up this week, and the surprises we’re all harboring. Christmas is just fun, y’all.

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