Blogmas Day 19

This evening I’m having a party for some of my friends (actually, most of my friends–to my mother’s dismay, I invited almost forty people. Less than half of them are coming, though, so we’re good). It’s a white elephant gift exchange and a board game night, and afterwards, my best friend Hannah is sleeping over. I’m really looking forward to all of it! I’m posting this now since I know I’ll be exhausted afterwards. Tomorrow I’ll share pictures from this evening.

I slept in a little this morning and then helped my family with some housecleaning to get ready for tonight. I worked out–upper body strength training and lower body flexibility–for about an hour, did some little blog projects, and did some more housecleaning. My brother and I played a card game called Egyptian Rat Slap. Nothing on my novel or any voiceover auditions, but that’s okay. I’m rereading The Year we were Famous today and really enjoying it. I also got to be secret santa to the little girls next door today–so fun!!

At work, the little girl across the street came over and we played spa: fingernail painting (my toenails are now hot pink with sloppy sparkles on top–at least it’s sock season), makeup, face masks, etc. I don’t think they could’ve chosen a messier game if they’d tried.

Now it’s party time!

(This has been the lock screen on my phone for the last few weeks. I love it!)

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