Blogmas Day 17

Today started out pretty rough. I slept in much too late, didn’t read my Bible, felt physically pretty lousy, and was not productive at all. Also, here’s a pro tip I learned this weekend: don’t listen to gossip and rumors. Besides the fact that it’s just wrong and typically unkind, you may find out something you didn’t really care to know.

Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed mid-afternoon because I had to run to my friend Brooke’s house. I took a long shower, finally read my Bible, did some chores and wrapped some Christmas gifts. All of that left me in a much better frame of mind.

Today I’m…

Eating: The Harry and David’s cheesecake my grandparents normally mail us at Christmastime. Diets are hard in December. Who am I kidding–diets are hard any month.

Writing: 2,000 words of my novel (hopefully–I’ve only done 1,000 so far today). Tomorrow we’re taking a mini road trip to Chattanooga, so I want to get ahead. I also researched some writing contests that I plan to enter during the next couple of months.

Grateful for: Catching up with Abigail, one of my best friends!

Here are a few gems from Pinterest so we can all end our day on a funny note:


(this is for my family, who knows it perfectly describes me)






(this is for Dad)

5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 17

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