Blogmas Day 16

I’m a freelance voiceover artist, but I haven’t been doing much work the last couple of weeks–I was having some technical difficulties, and then came finals. (Cue the knowing eye-rolls from my fellow students.) But now that finals are over, and the technical difficulties seem to have magically evaporated (knock on wood), this morning I did half a dozen auditions. A lot of people have asked me recently how, exactly, this freelance narration stuff works, so here’s the basic rundown.

Production companies who need a voiceover for a client post the job–which could be anything from a radio commercial to a YouTube ad to a video game character–online. Voiceover artists like myself look at the job posting, decide if it fits our voice (there are typically quite a few specifications as far as age, accent, and the overall feel the client is looking for), and then if it does–we audition for it. The client will post a sample of the script, and I’ll record myself reading that sample in my little home studio (which recently got a makeover, and isn’t it cute?).

I send the audio file to the client. The client sifts through all the auditions they got and chooses their favorite–then they contact that person and award them the job, meaning that I would read the full script, send them those files, and get paid.

One thing I really like about this field is how each job is so unique and different–you never get bored. Just this morning, for instance, I auditioned for a TV commercial for a South Carolina country club; a corporate training video; a weight loss Internet video; a commercial for Dawn soap (now in a soft, squeezable pack!); and a video promoting a music academy.


This evening after work, I went to a Christmas party at my friend Brooke’s house. We drew names for Secret Santa earlier this week; I got my friend Faith, and I got her a couple of ornaments and some Hershey bars. My friend Brooke got me a cup (it’s kind of a joke in our friend group that I keep breaking all of mine–I used to have five or six, and now I’m down to one), EOS lip balm, and Jellie Bellies–she knows me well. Also–shoutout to her mom Aunt Cindy for always making me gluten-free sausage balls! You’re the real MVP.

last Thursday, life was like a box of chocolates. #insidejoke 

Today I’m…

Writing: 1,000 words of my novel (in 22 minutes–setting new records every day). I’m pretty obsessed with my main characters, Libby and Finn.

Wearing: A scarf that Abigail, one of my best friends, made for me a few years ago. (Also, my hair isn’t red; I don’t know what’s up with this filter.)

Listening to: After the War from Hamilton, complete with dramatic performances in the kitchen after lunch with Joshua. I also listened to this.

Grateful for: I don’t think I stopped laughing–the kind of laughter where your cheeks and your abs hurt–for the whole two or three hours I was at Brooke’s party this evening. Most of the time, my life feels like a never-ending rerun of school, work, and softball, and I’m really grateful for and excited about the fun plans I have coming up next week with friends and family!


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