Blogmas Day 14

I don’t think I’ve legitimately woken up this entire day. I’ve been incredibly sleepy in a way that hasn’t happened in a while, but I kept pushing and made it through the day. I’m sleepier than ever now, so this will be quick and hopefully free of too many errors. (Also I took no picture today. Like, zero. #bloggerfail)

This morning I folded laundry, wrote 1,000 words of my novel, and wrote a guest post to submit to another blog. My best friend Hannah came over for several hours; we played board games, ate lunch and watched the first Harry Potter movie. It was fun! She and I send each other looong emails many times a week, but rarely see each other, mainly because of the amount of homework we both have. When she left I went straight to work; after a couple of hours at work, it was straight to church. My Wednesday night church schedule this fall has been choir practice at 5:45; CIA (a program that teaches kids about missions) at 6:30; youth Bible study at 7:30; and praise band practice at 8:00. We decorated cookies in CIA tonight in honor of Lottie Moon (a missionary to China, who won friends by giving out homemade sugar cookies). There were lots of icing-covered fingers (and noses, and jeans, and elbows…), giggles, and trips to the bathroom to wash off said icing-covered fingers.

Today I’m…

Grateful for: An opportunity to show love to an old friend tonight.

Here’s a family picture since we got them today in the mail. 🙂 Goodnight everyone. Oh, and by the way–if you’re a high school/college student and you still have finals going on, this is a friendly reminder that your worth does not rise and fall with your grades! He calls you Beloved no matter how well or how badly you score on your exams.




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