Blogmas Day 13

I don’t have anything super exciting to write; overall, it’s just been a nice day. Tiring, since I stayed up until 11:45 last night finishing my Harry Potter book, but nice. This morning I wrote 1,000 words in exactly 30 minutes and felt like I could have kept going, but stopped in order to storyboard a bit more before tomorrow (haha except the storyboarding never happened…). It felt amazing; I really missed writing novels!

I had an ENT appointment this afternoon. It wasn’t helpful, but I didn’t expect it to be. I tried out Instagram’s new “Live” feature tonight, and it was fun. I’ve been enjoying others’ live streams today as well.

Today I’m…
Listening to: My Shot from Hamilton.

Reading: The Magnolia Story. Because, let’s face it, ladies: we all want to be Joanna Gaines.

Grateful for: My life in general.13.jpg


One thought on “Blogmas Day 13

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