Blogmas Day 11

Today was finally the big day that you’re probably pretty sick of hearing me talk about: the Christmas musical! The name of the musical is The Loaned Manger, and it’s set in an old West town in the 1800’s–lots of “y’alls” and “yee-haw’s” and desperados getting tossed in the “pokey.”

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After our final run-through–polishing up the trouble spots early in the morning–and before the show, we have a prayer time with the kids that might be the most special part of the whole day. My brother was the first to pray this morning, and then almost every other cast member followed him, even some of the younger and more timid ones–“God, help us to remember our lines, but help us especially to remember that it’s for Your glory.” “Thank you for letting us have so much fun.” “If anyone who comes doesn’t know You, help them to come to know Jesus through our play.” Don’t mind me, I’ll just be sobbing in the corner.

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Before the show, the kids all ate doughnuts, cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls, because why not? Somehow they even managed to keep their costumes free of powdered sugar.

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This is our “four-year-old angel,” as she calls herself. You have to hear her talk to fully appreciate how cute she is. “Hailey, can you write my name on the card? Because I don’t know my letters.” “Do you need a four-year-old angel in the play?” “I dropped my halo!”

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Somehow, on the day of the performance, all the little details suddenly come together. People are nailing lines that they forgot in every single practice; they’re remembering their entrances and exits with perfect clarity; they’re pausing for laughs and for sound effects. There were very few hiccups, and I think the audience enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

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Switching costumes post-show because, again, why not?

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At the end of the day, yes, a few people had to be prompted on various lines, and some of the songs might have been a bit off-key. Someone’s deputy badge fell off and someone else’s microphone had to be taped to her cheek. But there were smiles and laughter from cast, crew, and audience; there were cowpokes in black hats and line dancing fun and plenty of Christmas spirit; and most importantly, the true message of Christmas–Jesus–came through loud and clear.

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My grandparents came down from Chattanooga, and we went to lunch after the program.

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Today I’m…

Watching: Monica Church’s vlogs. As always.

Reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’ve spent the afternoon and evening doing nothing but reading (happy Christmas break to me!). I haven’t been feeling well at all this afternoon–a condition furthered by the fact that when I was hungry at three o’clock I chose to keep reading and not eat until seven, by which time I was about to faint–but other than that, it’s been so pleasant.

Grateful for: Today was my last Christmas musical with my church–I’ll be away at college this time next year–but I’m so grateful I’ve been able to be a part of things for the last five years.


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