Blogmas Day 10

This morning I went with my friend Cari and her mom Mrs. Amy to Atlanta visit my friend Anna, who’s been in the hospital. I really hate that all of this is happening to Anna, but I absolutely know that in Christ she’s strong enough to handle it. We only had an hour to visit, but we made good use of it (and how can she look cuter in a hospital gown than I look 100% of the time in normal clothes? Someone tell me please).

I came home with a headache and tired legs–I was very glad I had already decided to skip a holiday party tonight in order to rest for tomorrow. I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon and evening doing a quick workout, taking a long shower, watching the I Love Lucy Christmas special with my family, and reviewing choreography. I made up all the motions myself and we’ve been practicing them for months, but somehow I still don’t quite know them all. It’s finally sunk in to me that the musical is tomorrow! Last night I put down my playbook, quit worrying about everyones’ lines/cues/blocking, and sat back and enjoyed the musical for the first time. Let me tell you–it’s funny, it’s “charming,” and it carries a great message. I can’t wait!

Today I’m…

Grateful for: Cari bought me food.


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