Blogmas Day 7

[snappy intro] << Earlier when I was drafting this blog I put “snappy intro” at the beginning as a reminder to come up with one, but it’s too late at night now for me to write anything remotely snappy, so this is all you get. Sorry to disappoint.

Tonight was our first drama rehearsal with the set! Can you believe people in my church (including one of my best friends Brooke–shout out to Brooke E. if you’re reading this) did this by hand, down to the bricks on the jail? It’s amazing. It definitely feels like tech week now. On the way home from rehearsal, Joshua and I drove through a few neighborhoods and looked at Christmas lights.

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This is my sophisticated at-home setup for softball workouts on days when I can’t make it to the real batting cages, which is basically every day: my Sklz tee in the garage with a tennis ball.

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I took my Spanish final today–three down, one to go! I studied math for a while and worked on creating a storyboard for my novel. I don’t think I’ve ever made a storyboard before for something I’m writing, but I don’t know why not: I’m a visual person, and laying out the scenes and shuffling them around is really helping me develop a plan for the flow of my novel. (I’m writing a novel in thirty days starting next week, if you didn’t hear me screaming about it yesterday.)

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The sky was really beautiful when I was leaving work around 5:30.


Today I’m…

Listening to: Glorious (I’m on a bit of a For King and Country kick right now).

Reading: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’ll never get over how brilliant J. K. Rowling is. Also, I’ll never get over the fact that my Hogwarts letter hasn’t come yet. (It got lost in the mail, okay? IT GOT LOST IN THE MAIL. It’s on its way.)

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Wearing: Blue stripes and gold flats.

Grateful for: Catching up with friends (shoutout to Madeleine if you’re reading this), even if it’s via text because we’re both too busy to actually see each other in person. Ha.


He is the chorus to every song that we were born to sing
He is the rhythm of your heart so let the beat begin
(It’s so) Glorious
(He is) Glorious
(Yeah) Glory this is God with us

He is the miracle of the love that set the people free
He is the wonder of the world like we have never seen
(It’s so) Glorious
(He is) Glorious
(Yeah) Glory this is God with us

–Glorious, For King and Country


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