Blogmas Day 5

“Blogmas” autocorrects to “Blooms” EVERY time I type it and it’s really annoying, honestly.


Today was pretty rough health-wise–first of all, it took me forever to drag myself out of bed. Then I had a pretty bad headache, and I had no idea why–but when I got around to checking my email, I found out that a Holocaust microfiction piece titled “Deception” that I actually wrote quite a while back was accepted for publication in an online literary journal called “A Quiet Courage”–you can check it out here.

Early-morning browsing of Pinterest (shameless self-promo) with Out of the Woods got my creativity sparked and I just wanted to write and write and write, but I was a good little college student and studied math for a couple of hours. This involved a brief freakout session upon discovering that the final exam is 15 questions, not 60 like I had expected. Eeep. I don’t like short tests–I want room to make mistakes. I’ve probably spent more time figuring out questions like “If there are twenty questions on the test and each is worth one point, how many can I miss and still get a decent grade?” (answer: not many) and “If the the highest twenty-five homework lessons are dropped and there are thirty-three lessons total, how many lessons do I actually have to do?” (answer: a lot) than I have figuring out the actual math problems.

After lunch I was still feeling pretty rough. My neurologist told me a few weeks ago to take a nap if I needed to and then get up and keep going. At the time, of course, I privately resolved that my days of staying in bed all day because I felt bad were over–I have way too much to do, I just need to push through it. But today I didn’t–I took Tylenol, slept for a couple of hours and then woke up with a dry mouth, shaky legs and a racing heart. Which hasn’t happened in a while. If you’ve read this far, I’m sorry I don’t have anything exciting to talk about, but today has just been quiet. I started feeling better around the time I went to work, though, and it’s been a pleasant evening so far.

Today I’m…

Listening to: Ocean Eyes (Blackbear Remix)

Grateful for: Playing Monopoly Empires at work with my second-grader for two hours, the house quiet except for the light rain outside and dark except for the lights of the Christmas tree.


Final thoughts: Today I saw a Christmas tree with a Santa hat on the top. I know that around Christmastime, we all hear it over and over, so much that I know I personally tune it out: Christmas isn’t about material stuff. It isn’t about getting and getting and getting. But I’m a visual person, and that tree really brought home to me how easy it is to take Jesus out of Christmas and replace Him with things that don’t really matter.



3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5

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  2. Prentiss Cox

    I remember hearing a t v news report(Huntley Brinkley evening news) in the mid to late 1960s on Chirstmass in Japan. Since the end of WWII Christmass had become one of their biggest holidays — promoted by retail merchants in a big way and no doubt urged-on by GIs stationed there. Presents, gift giving, Santa Claus, lights, trees, etc.– but no religion.
    (Unrelated comment, I read recently that the Mayor of Tokyo in 1943 when U S firebombed it was a Christian–interesting?)


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