Blogmas Day 4

Lately I’ve been acutely aware of and grateful for the sense of community in my life, and specifically in my church. My Sundays look like laughter over cheesy jokes in praise band practice, hilarious games of MASH before Sunday School, and planning our next mission trip to Colombia after the service. I get hugs from sweet little girls (including one this morning from a specific sweet red-headed one who’s not always around!) and play the keyboard during the service, giving me a great vantage point to watch people I love worshipping God. This morning I dropped an entire (ENTIRE) coffee cake made by my mom for youth group breakfast into the mud, and everyone laughed kindly and ate it anyway (can I just say–ew. Middle-school boys). But here’s something really important I’m learning about community: it’s not just silly fortune-tellers and eating cake. It’s not just laughing with people. My position at the keyboard allows me to observe more than just the joy: this morning, for example, I saw several people pray and cry with a hurting family during the invitation time. Community is not just being there for each other in the good, it’s being there in the bad and the rough, and I’m so grateful I have that. If you live in the Forsyth/Dawson/Pickens area and are looking for a church, consider yourself invited to Foothills, now that I’ve given it such a great plug. 🙂

We had drama rehearsal for our children’s Christmas musical this evening. We’re at the stage that is simultaneously insanely stressful and very exciting–there’s so much to do this week, but things are also starting to come together very nicely! Near the end of our two-hour rehearsal, one of the kids said, “This is how I feel” and collapsed spread-eagled on the floor. It was a pretty accurate depiction of how I felt, too, but we got lots done.


Today I’m…

Wearing: A flowing brown dress, black leggings, and black flats–just like Brooke, one of my best friends! Completely unplanned and unintentional: can we just appreciate that for a minute? We obviously spend lots of time together.

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Reading: The Magic Words: Writing Great Books for Children and Young Adults by Cheryl B. Klein. My dad picked this up for me at the library yesterday, and I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m going slowly and taking notes!

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Eating: It’s National Cookie Day! Gluten-free oats + peanut butter + chocolate chips = lots of heavenly goodness (probably not, but I’m sugar-deprived).

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Grateful for: Friends at church who come back to see why I haven’t left the parking lot yet, and then get out of their car in the rain to teach me how to defrost the windshield in my dad’s car (yup, true story: I’m clueless. Yay for community).


I took my marine biology final today, so I have two finals left: Spanish (easy) and math (incredibly difficult). This week’s goals for myself: work hard and study diligently, but give myself grace. My worth is not wrapped up in my grades (neither is yours), and there’s no need to be perfect.

Is it finals week for any of my fellow high school/college students? I’m more than willing to procrastinate commiserate with you in the comments!

**also one last thing I just discovered For King and Country’s cover of Out of the Woods thanks to Abiee’s lovely blog and I don’t know how I lived without it??? Go listen!


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