Blogmas Day 2

cute lil encouragement from pinterest!

Conversations, episode 2 (these actually happened late last night when we were sleepy):

Joshua: “You are a beardless pig. That’s the worst insult you can give a Viking.”

Me (referring to Romeo): “That guy is too deep for me.”

Me: “I just get on 400 and keep going and I’ll end up in Canton, right? 400 goes everywhere.” (This cracked my parents up, but I still don’t know why. I do have quite a reputation for being directionally challenged, though. If I had been born before GPS and the Google Maps app, I’m not sure what I would have done.)

Today I’m…

Listening to: Note to Self by Ben Rector and Chopin Valse in B minor, Op. 69, No. 2 played by Valentina Lisitsa. I rarely listen to classical music anymore, but it was necessary for a story I was working on today, and I’ve been kind of missing piano this week.

Grateful for: Math classes that drop your lowest test grade! Also, the fifth grader I nanny telling me that the grape/cherry Tylenol concoction I was forced to make after running out of grape halfway to 12.5mL was good. It sure didn’t look good, but he drank it.

Writing: Today I was supposed to do some bookkeeping-type tasks–such as making a list of the contests, magazines, and blogs I plan to submit to next–but I ended up working on a fun little music story that I started a few years ago and never kept on with. I don’t know that I’ll ever make it into something I could sell, but it parallels a specific time in my life and it was interesting to look back on and expand a little.

Eating: Joshua made an amazing dinner tonight: chicken, my favorite green beans, cheesy biscuits (with gluten-free flour!), and pumpkin pie. He wouldn’t let the rest of us do anything–he’s washing the dishes as I’m on the couch blogging. If I ever learn to serve people half as well as my little brother, I’ll be happy.

Have a lovely start to your weekend, everyone! Tomorrow’s post will be a lot more Christmassy. 🙂


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