Blogmas Day 1

Hi there, blog friends. Long time no see. Sorry about that.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s December 1, meaning that it’s a scant 24 days until Christmas. (!!!) Last Christmas I decided that this year I wanted to do Vlogmas. For those of you who don’t know, Vlogmas is something that many Youtubers participate in; they make videos of their daily activities and post the video each evening in December (last year I was devoted to Sparkles n Squats and Summer McKeen. This year I’ve gotten hooked on Monica Church’s vlogs, and I’m so ready for her Vlogmas). However, December 2016 has somehow already rolled around and I’ve quickly realized that I don’t have a good camera… or a video program… or time to edit videos. So, I’ve decided to do Blogmas instead! I thought I made this up, but apparently lots of bloggers do Blogmas—they post DIY Christmas crafts, recipes, etc. every day in December. I’m not super crafty, so my Blogmas is going to basically be a Vlogmas, except in blog form. Are you confused yet? Me too. Basically, every night you’ll get a post from me in your inbox or WordPress news feed talking about what I did that day—not only my daily activities, but what I’m listening to, what I’m reading, and what I’m grateful for, complete with plenty of artsy pictures. That being said—let’s jump right in with day 1!

I obviously lead a very exciting life, considering that one of the highlights of my day was finishing economics class and that the final was a breeze. I can be a bit Hermione-ish about school.


Lunchtime conversations with Joshua (my eleven year old brother), episode one:
Joshua: “I don’t know what I would do without Mom. She got silly putty out of my pants. Oh my goodness, she’s my savior.”
Joshua: “I hate hummus.”
Me: “I didn’t understand that last night. Did you?” Joshua: “No. I was on the baseball field. In my head. That’s la-la land for me.”
Joshua: “One time Dad had the laptop in his lap, his phone in one hand, and the remote in the other hand.” Me: “What does that have to do with what we’re talking about?” Joshua: “Nothing. But he’s a man of many talents.”
Joshua: “I didn’t take ballet for six years.” (This could be interpreted a few different ways, so quick PSA: Joshua has never taken ballet.)
Joshua: “I don’t know that song, bubby boy.”
Joshua: “You have a lot of nerve, making me the laughingstock of the day.”

I love this kid.

Today I’m…

Listening to: Folk Christmas music on Spotify. It makes me happy.

Wearing: Yesterday I went shopping with one of my best friends and her mom. It was an adventurous trip–a tornado warning left us stranded in Parson’s for a while (but, let’s face it, there are worse places to be stranded)–but a productive one. One of the things I got was this cozy lil green shirt that I’m just in love with–I’m pretty sure it + leggings = the most comfortable outfit I’ve ever owned!

Watching: GirlDefined vlogs.

Grateful for: Joshua making me laugh while we worked on a Christmas project; laughing hysterically with the seven-year-old I keep when we couldn’t remember the lyrics to “Mary Had a Little Lamb;” and commiserating with friends about finals tonight at Starbucks.

I’m ending the day in awe of how God works. I got to my nanny job early, and I was passing the time by reading John 3–all about being born again and having new life in Christ. As I read, I prayed that God would help me understand how to best explain the concept of being born again and that He would give me opportunities to witness to people. Thirty minutes later, my kids had gotten off the bus and my second grader was unloading the dishwasher. In the course of conversation about her day, she said, “Today we saw a list of songs that most kids know, and ‘Jesus Loves Me’ wasn’t on it.” She sounded surprised. I said that that made me sad, and she asked why; I said, “Because I want everybody to know Jesus.” She asked why again. Before she had finished unloading the dishwasher, I was able to tell her the plan of salvation. She and I have had occasional conversations before about God, but this was certainly the most in-depth conversation we have ever had about Jesus. I have chill bumps thinking about it–God is so cool.


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