Things I’m Learning this Autumn

The fair is fun, but not worth the fourteen hours of recovery time that it required.


I love watching littles play baseball.

I am beyond excited to go back to Colombia in April. APRIL!!!

The plural of “octopus” is “octopuses”–not “octopi.” (Long story, inside joke.)

I didn’t think I ever would say this, but I just discovered “Brand New” and I’m actually suddenly in love with Ben Rector’s music. Rend Collective also has some amazing new stuff out.

Late-night runs for Mexican (even non-authentic Mexican) with teammates after practice are always a good idea.

I’m completely in love with the sky.


Virtually everything I do has a selfish motive. God, help me die to self and make my motives pure.

There’s a species of tapeworm that lives inside a sperm whale and can reach lengths of up to 50 feet. (Sorry–I know that’s probably not what you came here for. But I think marine biology is interesting.)

I want to be more of a “there you are!” person than a “here I am!” person.

A diet that doesn’t include gluten, wheat, processed foods, or refined sugars isn’t as hard as you might think.

Amy Carmichael was an AMAZING missionary and woman of God.

Sometimes you need to drop what you’re doing, even if you think it’s important–like homework–and listen to a friend who wants to talk. Because that’s important-er.

Pro tip: if you’ve gone two weeks with no caffeine or sugar, don’t get a medium caramel latte from Panera Bread at eight P.M. Just–don’t.


Dance parties in the kitchen with Joshua while we’re supposed to be doing the dishes are my favorite thing ever and I’m going to miss them so much next year.

It’s so easy to forget the sense of urgency there needs to be in reaching the world for Christ.

I have so many wonderful people in my life.

Writing is a hard job, but I’m addicted.

Planning future adventures is exciting.

Sometimes, a quiet Sunday morning at home to recover from a busy week that took a major toll on your body is just what you need.




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